Is your business GDPR compliant?

Posted by Kate Osborne on in General, Tips

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On 25 May 2018 processing of personal data by organisations will have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This new EU regulation’s focus is the protection of personal data, i.e. data about individuals, and builds on existing data protection laws, setting out the responsibilities of businesses in relation to the personal data they collect, hold, transmit and otherwise use. Essentially it says, “If you want to offer your services or products to customers who are EU citizens, you better make sure you look after their personal data or else!”

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Labelled with love…

Posted by Harry on in General, Design

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It is often said that we not only eat with our mouths but also with our eyes and this is why it is so important to get your food and drink labelling just right!  It’s all very well to look good but with so much information required on today’s packaging, from nutritional data right down to the manufacturer’s details, the design is absolutely vital to be able to draw the customer’s eyes away from your competitors.

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Reaping the rewards of dedication

Posted by Kate Osborne on in General

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Arguably an organisation’s most valuable asset is its people. Childreach Tanzania’s Country Director, Sheila Makindara, is a classic example of this. Her dedication and diligence has seen her selected as a ‘Mandela Washington Fellow’ and receive the honour of being named a ‘Best Woman Achiever’ in Tanzania. This type of recognition not only offers prestige and great PR, but can result in extra funding, which can then be put to great use within the organisation for everyone’s benefit…

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