Reaping the rewards of dedication

Posted by Kate Osborne on in General

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Arguably an organisation’s most valuable asset is its people. Childreach Tanzania’s Country Director, Sheila Makindara, is a classic example of this. Her dedication and diligence has seen her selected as a ‘Mandela Washington Fellow’ and receive the honour of being named a ‘Best Woman Achiever’ in Tanzania. This type of recognition not only offers prestige and great PR, but can result in extra funding, which can then be put to great use within the organisation for everyone’s benefit…

As part of Childreach International, Childreach Tanzania is a locally registered charity based in Moshi, Kilimanjaro who work closely with local communities and volunteers to help improve children’s access to quality education, healthcare and child rights and protection in partnership with public primary schools. Country Director, Sheila Makindara, has been blessed with many honours and rewards for her contribution to making the organisation such a success and helping so many children to experience better lives with greater equality and safe-guarding. As a direct result of Sheila’s honours, funding has come forth that can be re-invested in the organisation to ensure even more gets done.

i catching design Tanzania were the ‘safe pair of hands’ to take some of this funding and produce the materials now used to deliver the great work even further, making Childreach Tanzania’s efforts more visible and widespread in the form something eye-catching and long-lasting. Perhaps its time you considered the advantages of just such benefits too like Childreach Tanzania in the form of the following:

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