Piece of mind with hi-tech labels

Posted by Kate Osborne on in Design

metalic security labels

Keeping your property secure is paramount, especially when it comes to technical equipment such as mobiles, laptops and GPS devices. Even large industrial or agricultrural machinery is at risk if left unidentified. i catching design Tanzania can now offer a simple but effective solution to help lower these risks in the form of TESA tamperproof security labelling…

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Image is everything

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camera, orange cup

Because more consumers are choosing to shop online, getting a good quality image on your site for your products and services is now more important than ever. Generic stock images may no longer be enough to drive your sales forward and retain your customers. You may well benefit from hiring a professional photographer or even conducting a photo shoot for your online store, so you have the best chance of showcasing all you have to offer. Here are some brilliant basic tips to ensure your ecommerce site is highly visual and allows people to buy with their eyes…

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Spread the festive cheer

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cards and hanging star

Remember to share your seasonal greetings with your customers and suppliers this Christmas. Get in quick, just like EFTA, and spread that festive cheer!

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