Labelled with love…

Posted by Harry on in General, Design

Wine bottles, food label, label, swingtop bottles

It is often said that we not only eat with our mouths but also with our eyes and this is why it is so important to get your food and drink labelling just right!  It’s all very well to look good but with so much information required on today’s packaging, from nutritional data right down to the manufacturer’s details, the design is absolutely vital to be able to draw the customer’s eyes away from your competitors.

At i catching design Tanzania, we understand the difference that good, clear labelling can make to your business, and ultimately it is our job to make your products look the best they can!  We are masters of creating new and exciting ways to attract consumers and ensure that yours are the products flying off the shelves into shopping baskets across Tanzania. To find out more about how we can help you with your labelling requirements, please get in touch on + 255 689 433 221 or visit us at our office in Usa River, Rivergardens Business Park, Arusha-Moshi Road, Usa River, Tanzania.