We like to move it!

If you have something special to offer, say you have an amazing product or your service is simply the best, or perhaps you need to educate as well as entertain your audience, whatever needs to be shouted about and seen, video is the perfect vehicle to drive home your message. Have you considered a homepage explainer video? Perhaps an online tutorial or a sales presentation? When it comes to delivering a bespoke HD video, with i catching design Tanzania at the controls, it’s a smooth ride to success…

  1. Concepts, Styles & Ideas With a clear understanding of what excites and engages you about your product or service, a range of ideas will be presented to give you a full understanding of how that can be best translated to your audience.
  2. Script writing Our blend of copy writing makes use of many years of marketing experience helping us to ensure that your video is correctly targeted and contains the right balance of information and engagement.
  3. Storyboarding Storyboarding is an important part of the process of creating an animated video, providing an opportunity to fine tune your narrative and make any major amendments prior to beginning the animation process itself.
  4. Sound We can help you source professional voice overs, sound effects and backing music where necessary, whilst ensuring that it’s in keeping and complements the visual content of your video.