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Your site in safe hands

When it comes to your website, you need to be confident that it will be secure, fast to upload, have all the storage capacity you require (for things like eCommerce, online booking, product images, videos etc) and be complemented by a personalized, professional emailing system. This is why i catching design Tanzania’s great website hosting packages are so popular.

Our web hosting packages at a glance:

As a leading website hosting service provider, i catching design Tanzania has the technology, services, expertise and experience needed for your website to be viewed and hosted on reliable, high storage capacity servers. We can talk you through your options by contacting us today, or read more to discover what will work best for you and your business…

How does web hosting work? Once you purchase a web hosting plan, i catching design Tanzania stores your website on one of our state-of-the-art servers and assigns it a unique DNS (or domain name). This allows people, around the world, to find and view your website. It’s similar to the space on a computer’s hard drive, but the server allows your website’s files to be accessed from anywhere.

What kind of web hosting do I need? We offer both Windows and Linux web hosting. Which is best depends on what you want to do with your site, like having a shopping cart, blog or podcast with a specific web application. If you’re not sure, call our hosting support staff who will be happy to advise which would be the best web hosting package for your site; one that fits the size of your website and the traffic it generates. Types of web hosting at a glance include:

Are you a web developer? Great news! We also offer ‘white labelled’ web hosting to website developers for their clients, please feel free to call and find out more.

Can I transfer my existing website to i catching design Tanzania’s web hosting? Moving your website to us is a simple process. Your current website hosting provider can supply us with your existing website files and we can then upload these via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). And if you have any questions our dedicated support staff  can help you determine the best method for transitioning your website to an i catching design Tanzania account.

Can I host multiple domain names with my hosting account? Our Business and Premium packages allow you to host multiple websites.

Will my site be safe and secure? At i catching design Tanzania we take online security very seriously because when a client agrees to use a web hosting service, they are giving up control of the security of their site to us. The servers we use to host your sites are secure and reliable and have all the storage capacity you could need. Our IT team are experienced and knowledgeable to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible and in the rare event that there may be an issue they are qualified to deal with it quickly and effectively. Should a customer ever have any concerns, or experience any difficulty, our dedicated support and customer service professionals are on hand to respond the same day.

What about emails? Emails are a convenient way for potential customers and clients to send you a message, documents, or other files. Thankfully i catching design Tanzania’s web hosting packages include email accounts (setup and signature extra) in the price of our hosting plans. So whether you’re in the office, catching a train or relaxing at home, you can still get great access to your emails. Options include:

Email protection and security Your inbox can be a way in for illegal spammers and scammers sending emails that are junk, or contain Internet viruses that can damage your computer. They will try a number of tricks to evade standard email verification, however the vast majority can be identified and blocked. All our email services come with Advanced Anti Virus and Spam Protection to help keep your inbox safe.

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