single house on island in blue ocean
face of child
laptop, hands, typing, coffee shop
woman standing infront of signs holding t-shirt
wooden gate, guard, bricks, stones, smiling man
people sitting down making fire
monkey's face, orange fur
baby and mother elephant walking

Seeing is believing

If you don’t capture the moment, it will be gone forever. Lailah Gifty Aktai

In this digital age the importance of images has increased tenfold. Photographic images connect you directly with your audience; to create an instant bond, to showcase your products and services, to give a professional feel to your marketing materials, your website and PR campaigns. At i catching design Tanzania we help you navigate any copyright issues whilst exploring all the options…

  1. Using your own photographs Public perception is key, if your photographs don’t look professional (consider composition, lighting etc.) then you may well lose custom. There are sources of free to use, legal images but the quality of these images can be lower than paid-for images. The better quality free images can also be over-used, making them less effective if they have been seen over and over.
  2. Selecting from our stock images This options means you can select professional images, that have the correct license for your use and we can advise by filtering out more commonly used so yours will stand above your competitors. These royalty-free images allow for versatile use which can facilitate a very cost effective brand to be built.
  3. Employing our professional photographers Our photographers produce stunning pictures, unique to your business. You will stand apart from your competitors and, by ensuring the images compliment and reinforce your brand, they will help not only attract new customers but retain existing business through positive brand association.