Illustrated success

Posted by Kate Osborne on in General, Design

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From the Nike ‘tick’, to the Kilimanjaro Beer ‘mountain’, great illustration in logo design can play an essential part in building your brand and speaking directly to your target market. With our experience and creative flare we can assist you in finding the most effective illustrated match for your needs just like we did for our client ‘Tembo Executive’…

The illustrators at i catching design Tanzania are responsive professional craftsman with an understanding of marketing and advertising across the various media platforms. They will liaise with you to decide what type of illustration will serve your business needs best. It may well be worth opting for a totally unique authentic hand drawn illustration to convey a very specific message or evoke a very specific reaction in its audience. This is especially valid when looking to create an image that needs to stand the test of time.

When South African based accountants ‘Tembo Executive’ approached us, we designed the ‘Africa/Elephant’ illustration to work alongside a modern yet professional typeface and colour scheme. Together this brand conveys the cross-continental reach of the client; the elephant head not only reinforces this, but evokes a subliminal sense of longevity, loyalty and being able to retain information; all excellent qualities you would seek in a company dealing with financial matters. This striking illustrated logo easily translates to all forms of stationery, transforming what could be a boring letterhead or complimentary slip into something eye-catching and memorable.

Do you want to benefit from the power of illustration? Visit our ‘Illustration’ page today or call us on m +255 (0)6 89 43 32 21 (Airtel)