Engaging our Youth, at World Vision event

Posted by Kate Osborne on in General

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The i catching design Tanzania team had a wonderful time sharing their expertise with everybody at the recent World Vision event. At this event the emphasis was on improving the accessibility and quality of IT resources, such as website design, printing and creative design, for our young people and engaging them in the future of this growing, multi-facetted, industry.

In partnership with World Vision, i catching design Tanzania’s outreach programme can offer guidance, training and support for individuals seeking to manage their own smaller scale print and design jobs, even teaching people to use ‘in design’ software in order to overcome the challenges of location, financial restrictions and the limitations of smaller projects etc. This event also lead to i catching design Tanzania, catching the eye of former Save the Children CEO, Edward G. Happ, now Co-founder and former Chairman of NetHope. Mr Happ is looking to work on larger collaborations with i catching design Tanzania that could have our young people take up University internships, both here and abroad, across a wide range of disciplines from economics to medicine. A very bright future for all concerned is now in sight. Have a look at some of the highlights of the event below and call us today on +255 (0)7 86 84 89 78 to discover how we can make your business ideas come to life and bring your future plans into clearer vision.