Paul Joynson-Hicks Wildlife Photography

bird logo on paper
cheetah, bird logo trees, mountain on post cards
postcard with cheetah

Paul Joynson-Hicks is a professional commission art and commercial photographer based in Dar es Salaam on Tanzania’s east coast. At the very heart and soul of his photography is an exuberant passion for Africa, where he has lived and worked for 14 years. In addition to his photography, Paul has also set up a number of very successful charitable and commercial organisations. Paul Joynson-Hick Wildlife Photography is one such venture that allows others to benefit from his experience and talent whilst soaking in the most magnificent photographic opportunities nature has to offer. He came to i catching design Tanzania to promote this venture in print because of our similar outlook with regards to business and our passion for showcasing this part of the world at its best.

Our work included: