Kilimanjaro Apartments

leaflets, map, Kilimanjaro
ipad, palm trees, Kilimanjaro
resort, palm tree, security guard, rooms, houses
leaflets, beech table, Kilimanjaro
blue green and white logo
business card, Kilimanjaro,

A fresh brand that could be easily marketed and recognised was central to the needs of Kilimanjaro Apartments. When discovering i catching design Tanzania could deliver this and excellent photography, in addition to marketing  expertise, it was more than the client could hope for to establish this part of their business with the ultimate goal to help fund the ‘Childreach Tanzania’ core of their endeavours. The logo design was a particular triumph; incorporating the ‘Childreach’ colour scheme and the twin apex motif (symbolizing both the notion of accommodation and the great mountain peaks of Tanzania). i catching design included site visits, photography shoot and an understanding ear at all times to produce the end results the client is so delighted with.

The work included: