Expert Consultancy

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The full working business package is what fledgling company Expert Consultancy required to ensure their business got off to a flying start on all fronts. i catching design Tanzania conceived and executed the branding, stationery and website with full training to ensure Expert Consultancy had all the tools and know-how to move forward independently and on budget.

The work included:

Our business is all about advising and supporting others with theirs, so I needed something within budget that both looked professional and was easy for potential clients to access and understand. I was looking for a site that allowed for expansion and an easy to manage back-end and that was also ‘new technology’ friendly. In addition I also needed all the ways we presented ourselves to professionally convey what we’re about and i catching design Tanzania did it all, from setting us up with an easy to manage website to perfectly conceived and designed stationery.
Ismael Nassary, Managing Director