Bearfoot Expeditions Ltd

white bear print and text on green rectangle
silver laptop on kitch counter with flowers, leather diary, mobile phone and kellte in background
lions, giraffe head, people, rhinos, bird and deer
keyboard, mobile phone, lions

Bearfoot Expeditions Ltd was particularly eager to find a local design and marketing company who could not only conceive, execute and host a visually stunning website, but who could also provide in-house training and support. Being a business that attracts many of its clients from abroad, it was imperative that the site was coloured with amazing imagery to showcase what a tourist would dream of seeing and that the copy used would not only tick all the SEO boxes, but would also be of the most appropriate tone and, naturally, in flawless English. When Bearfoot Expeditions met with i catching design Tanzania it was clear they had found exactly what they were looking for.

We delivered: