Advertising for all occasions

Posted by Kate Osborne on in General, Design

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In a world dancing to the digital media beat, it’s easy to overlook the art of print ads. But the medium is still as relevant and powerful as ever, whether in a magazine or on a billboard. Print advertising should be recognisable at a hundred paces, and it should be obvious who it’s for and why they should act on it. No matter what the medium, you still need a concept that’s going to stick in people’s minds…

The measure of successful advertising always falls into at least one of two categories. The first being that your business or product is increasingly recognised, and secondly you sell more of whatever it is you are advertising. And this is all sounds so easy which, when you get it right, it is…but there is always ‘the elephant in the room’…the cost. Advertising is not cheap, so in order to make the most of your budget, especially when it comes to print advertising you need to be clever about it. Having a single advert that can carry across all scales of print advertising is one such smart move.

When i catching design Tanzania was approached by clients ‘Manyatta Tanzania’ to design a glossy advert promoting the sale of building plots on their estate, the wheels were set in motion. It was a classic combination of stunning photography, carefully chosen words and well placed contact points, such as email address, website address etc., all enveloped in a sumptuous colour scheme that really sold the lifestyle to potential clients who may have seen this advert.

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